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Incomes Register

The Incomes Register is a national electronic database for the reporting of incomes information, such as payroll, pension and benefit information on each income earner. Since 1 January 2019, all employers and other income payers have reported their payroll information directly to the Incomes Register. From the beginning of 2021, pension and benefit information will also be reported to the Incomes Register.

What to do when your employee retires

The reporting of earnings information to the Incomes Register continues even after an employee retires on old-age pension. The necessary earnings information is transferred from the Incomes Register directly to the relevant employment pension provider. The pension provider cannot submit reports or make corrections in the Incomes Register on your behalf.

In order to receive old-age pension, the individual must have reached the relevant pensionable age and the valid employment or service relationship must end prior to the start of the pension. In addition to earnings information, the ending date of the employment relationship and reason for termination must be reported to the Incomes Register in order for the retiring employee to be granted old-age pension.

Payment of the final salary

At the end of the employment relationship, the employee can be paid a final salary that includes, for example, any remaining holiday bonuses or overtime compensation.

If a final salary is paid to the employee at the end of the employment relationship, the termination details of the employment relationship must be reported in the same report with the final salary information. If the earnings are paid in several instalments during the first month of pension, the termination details of the employment relationship must be reported in connection with each separate earnings payment report.

Working alongside old-age pension

Employees can continue to work even after reaching their pensionable age for old-age pension.Any work done alongside old-age pension is reported to the Incomes Register.

Employees can also continue working after reaching the maximum age (68–70) for mandatory pension insurance coverage. Once this limit is exceeded, the employee is no longer insured by pension insurance.